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Previous books: My Little Sweethearts, My Little Sweethearts Too!
Current book: My Little Sweethearts: Summer Break

My Little Sweetheart 3: Summer Break is the 3rd edition of the My Little Sweetheart art books (released in 2012 & 2013).

This art book features all your favorite girls enjoying fun in the sun for their summer break!

There are over 40 talented artists that have worked on this book:

  • Atryl 
  • Siden 
  • Lizombie 
  • Kloudmutt 
  • Maniac Paint
  • Derpii
  • Holivi
  • Spindles
  • Hinghoi
  • Ric-M
  • Click here to see the full artist lineup for MLS 3!

More info on the artists as well as updates on the book and future projects will be announced very soon, so please check up on Confidentially-Cute to keep updated. ♥

Questions? Check out our FAQ!

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