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Cutey Confidential reminds you that you only have a few weeks left to unlock the first milestone with this pin-up playing card deck that would look very appetizing in your personal collection.

»»» Hurry, lets get to $3,500, pledge for a calendar! «««

I sent you fain mail, but I think it's probably better if I asked you here (My bad).What is the process of getting MLS published? I know you do it through Lulu, but what are the printing and publishing costs? How much is set aside for costs and how much goes to the supported charities? Just curious, and I need to get someone off my back about this. ;) Thanks.

We are making this question public in case other users are unsure how to google royalty with This is good to know if you plan to create your own books and projects with self publishing websites as well! :)

Here is a pretty handy chart in which Lulu breaks down everything regarding the sale of books.

Basically, the revenue for a physical book is split 80/20 between the Creator and Lulu. 

We do have to set aside a very minimal amount for advertising (it isn’t free, sadly) but other than that every penny we earn in the turnover goes towards the charity! All of our artists are simply making beautiful art to help out an important cause.

Lulu wont release profit within the first month of sales so while waiting, we’ve decided to switch charities to help something a bit more global of immediate importance; the threat of ebola.

We’ve also decided to send an even amount every month while sales are ongoing to help even out the donation process! Here, lookie, this is our most recent receipt with the charity, which I processed today: 


As a mod, I hope this clears up any confusion. We do hope that you continue to enjoy MLS because we need all the good out there in the world. Its tough work! But it makes so many happy in the end, so we can all agree it’s totally worth it, right? :)


In light of the recent events, we will be switching our donation from the Lung Cancer Alliance to efforts in stopping the Ebola outbreak.

Our charity of choice will be Global Givings Ebola Epidemic Relief Fund

Every purchase for MLS 3 will go towards donations for this fund. MLS: Summer Break paperback edition can be purchased here, and the ebook here.


Additionally, MLS 1 & 2 will be rereleased soon! Please stay tuned for more information.

My Little Sweetheart 3 Digital Download: Image resolution/quality issues fixed, new .pdf available for re-download with proper images.

Thanks to everyone who supported the My Little Sweetheart 3 Digital Download! It was recently discovered that the incorrect version of the .pdf was uploaded by mistake, and that the image quality was not up to the standards expected of the My Little Sweetheart art series. We apologize for this error, and have immediately remedied the problem with an updated version of the book. The book now contains the intended full resolution images, at  2600x3000, with minimum fuzziness and significantly reduced image artifacting.

You can re-download your purchased Digital Download from the ‘My Downloads’ section of your Lulu dashboard here:

Thanks again to everyone who grabbed a copy of the digital download, and hope you can now enjoy our artists’ hard work in the intended high resolution grandeur!

Its been a while since we last updated proper on this tumblr, but we have been busy with a lot of administration work related both to My Little Sweetheart 4, and the Cutey Confidential Calendar.

Artbook update: We will finishing reviewing the artists applications by the end of this week. Artists who have not heard back from us should recieve a reply from us soon.

Calendar update: An e-mail regarding commission slots will be sent out to the people who pledged for a commission slot. There’s been a lot of discussion regarding commission slots. We apologise for the lack of an immediate response as we had been busy managing both projects.


Lastly, but definitely not least, we have a MAJOR announcement.

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of Emlan as the cover image for the Cutey Confidential Calendar! Emlan has participated in MLS previously, and we’re keen to see her return for the calendar!

Thanks for reading this message, and we look forward to providing you a more speedier update in future!





Why yes it does. Funny you should mention it. Both Tai and Faith made an appearance in the third edition of My Little Sweetheart!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, My Little Sweetheart 3 is a sexy humanized artbook whose proceeds go to the Lung Cancer Alliance.

You can grab a digital copy right here

Or, if you like actual books, the physical copy is right here.

And HERE’S our next promotional image for MLS 3!

Also, a big shoutout to Starswirl Academy! One of their artists, derpiihooves, has participated in My Little Sweethear 2 & 3, and we’re looking forward to the eventual release of this visual novel/dating sim! :D

Hey guys. I'm not sure who runs this tumblr, but some folks at the Indiegogo campaign page seem a bit antsy about not getting a response about comission slots. What's the word on that?

We will be sending emails shortly to those who pledged $150 or higher! Sorry about the wait, but thank you for being patient and working with us. :)

We have officially hit our goal amount for Cutey Confidential!!

Wow, thank you all so much for the support! But don’t forget, its not over, we have milestones for extra goodies and more than a few weeks to keep the good things rolling! 

$3,500 will unlock a 52 playing card deck for supporters to grab! And there’s plenty more good things in store~


Its finally here!

The ebook for My Little Sweetheart 3: Summer Break is out now!

Place your order today!

Also! Be sure to stay tuned to further updates on My Little Sweetheart 4  and the Cutey Confidential Calendar!

And of course, you can still purchase a physical copy of MLS 3 here!

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